Shauna May Seneca

Welcome to ERCCA Shauna May Seneca Site.  We are providing quality child care to Grades 1 to 6 children in our roll away spaces.  Our dynamic educators are building a strong nurturing and interactive environment for them.  We strongly believe that all children are mighty learners, active citizens and are contributing members of the community who are capable in constructing their own learning and negotiating with everything the environment brings.  Guided by the Alberta Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Childcare, our educators become more reflective and responsive to the needs and interests of the children.
Here at Shauna May Seneca we...
♥ Honor and value social interactions
♥ Acknowledge the power of ordinary and spontaneous moments
♥ Enjoy the tarmac for outdoor play
♥ Love to laugh and smile
♥ Believe children are powerful people and mighty learners
♥ Allow children to freely choose their play projects
♥ Engage in the co-inquiry process
“Children are not things to be molded but, are people to be unfolded”
  - Jess Lair

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