• Hello and welcome to our new and existing families!


  • We are grateful to operate Belgravia and Holy Spirit programs for the summer to provide care to the Southgate area and Jan Reimer program to provide care for the South East area during summer.
  • As summer nears, we would like to take the time to inform you of our plans for the summer, as well as a few important reminders to everyone.
Summer Calendar
Please click the links below to find each program’s summer calendars. It outlines all the wonderful activities we will be doing over the next two months
Holy Spirit Maple & Aspen Summer Calendar
Holy Spirit Sapling Summer Calendar
Belgravia Summer Calendar
Jan Reimer Summer Calendar
Please keep this calendar close at hand for your reference to our daily plans and excursions. It indicates everything you will need to remember for each day.  Please remember to send a picnic lunch (nothing that requires heating) on the specified days. Picnic lunch days are going to be symbolized by a little paper bag as shown in the calendars.
We may spontaneously decide it’s a messy day or water play. Please ensure that your child has an extra set of clothing at the centre at all times. 
Your children are also required to wear hats.  It would also be helpful if your children brought a water bottle.
Please expect some changes to it as we are working on some in-house field trips with more details to come.
Our activities are limited due to Covid-19 but we will try our very best to make it fun and enjoyable for our children.
Snack Menu
We will provide breakfast in the morning and snack as of July 6th, 2020.
Click the link below to see our July Snack Menu.
Belgravia & Holy Spirit August 2020 Snack Menu
Jan Reimer August Snack Menu
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. 
Sara Bowkowy, Senior Director
We look forward to having a fun, exciting summer with everyone!


We’ve partnered with SkipTheDepot!

We have set this up and we are ready to go.   
What is SkipTheDepot?
A door-to-door bottle collection service that makes refundable recycling and fundraising easier than 1,2,3.  You book an appointment , they come and pick up your empty bottles.
We are listed at Edmonton Region Child Care Association, but the link below gets you right to us on the app. 
1. Download the app and book a pickup using https://app.skipthedepot.com/ercca
2. Place your bags outside
3. Receive refund and donate to us!
SkipTheDepot will allow everyone to donate directly to our organization with ease.
Spread the word by sharing our SkipTheDepot posts on social media! https://app.skipthedepot.com/ercca
Feel free to share with others.


Alberta Health Services Update!

Alberta released new public health restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID – 19.
It includes all licensed child care facilities, out of school care and pre-school programs to close indefinitely.
For more information, please click on the link below.


Click the links below to see resources during COVID-19

COVID-19 parent handout
Fun Home Activities
Pandemic helping your child
Mental Health Coping and Connection for Children & Families During COVID 19


Interested in joining our child care program? 

  • For registration inquiries, please contact:
    Sara Bowkowy, Senior Director



Edmonton Region Child Care Association is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, who also have children in our care. The Board of Directors entrusts the Executive Director, Directors, and educators to manage the day to day operations of child care. We all attend work motivated to provide the children and families in our care with quality, innovative, safe, and most importantly, fun child care.



“To provide a safe environment where children experience exceptional childcare and build self-esteem and positive relationships through fun and rewarding recreational activities and skill building opportunities. In collaboration with parents, school and communities, we advocate for childcare that continues to meet the diverse needs of our families.”



ERCCA, was incorporated in July 1983 under the Societies Act. Our Association is both a not for profit association and a charity.
Our association has eight locations that work together, share ideas and collaborate, with the outcome of qualify care. I am proud of the care that we are able to provide our families and always amazed on the activities our educators come up with to foster a child’s interest.
ERCCA is part of the Access, Support and Participation (ASaP) model of Social/Emotional Development. Employees are educated in supporting children, through this model, to guide our best practice and healthy development.


Please look through our website.
Should you have any questions, please contact:


Sara Bowkowy, Senior Director


We are part of the Association of Early Childhood Educators (AECEA). Click here to learn more!