Welcome! We have enjoyed building strong and interactive learning environments for the children in the Belgravia community. We are eager to create places of vitality within the Belgravia community. Our dynamic educators believe that our children are mighty learners and that we play important roles in nurturing their dispositions to learn. With the use of the Alberta Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care, we are guided to be more reflective and responsive educators. Located in the Vietnamese Alliance Church, walking transportation is provided to Belgravia School.  We also service McKernan School, provided families are able to arrange for busing transportation.  We are open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday and providing care on non-school days for children in Kindergarten- Grade 6.  
Here at Blegravia we...
♥ Create places of vitally together
♥ Get messy
♥ Love spending time outside
♥ Love to laugh and smile
♥ Always listening to children’s ideas
♥ Get children and families involved with program planning
♥ Make learning visible
“As children actively co construct knowledge, educators learn about each child’s learning processes.  The process of engaging children to revisit and talk about their own learning experiences can contribute to each child’s learner identify, as well as educators understanding of learning processes.”
  • Makovichuk, L. et al. (2014). Play, participation and possibilities: An early learning and child care curriculum framework for Alberta
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