Child Care

Mission Statement

“To provide a safe environment where children experience exceptional childcare and build self-esteem and positive relationships through fun and rewarding recreational activities and skill building opportunities. In collaboration with parents, school and communities, we advocate for childcare that continues to meet the diverse needs of our families.”

All About Us

ERCCA, was incorporated in July 1983 under the Societies Act. Our Association is both a not for profit association and a charity. We are guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, who also have children in our care. The Board of Directors entrusts the Executive Director, Directors, and educators to manage the day to day operations of child care. We all attend work motivated to provide the children and families in our care with quality, innovative, safe, and most importantly, fun child care. Families are always amazed on the activities our educators come up with to foster a child’s interest.

ERCCA is part of the Access, Support and Participation (ASaP) model of Social/Emotional Development. Employees are educated in supporting children, through this model, to guide our best practice and healthy development.

Working within a practice of relationships to achieve common goal, we partnered with other professional organizations namely; School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta, Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta, Child Care Association for Resources to Administrators, Canadian Child Care Federation and AHVNA (Click on the organizations’ name to learn more!)

As we value our roles as co-learners, co-researchers and co-imaginer of possibilities. ERCCA is also in partnership with MacEwan University, Norquest College and MCG Careers Inc., to support students in their field placement.

We currently have twelve locations that work together, share ideas and collaborate, with the outcome of quality care.