Svend Hansen

Welcome! We provide a quality caring and supportive child care program to families attending Svend Hansen School, from Grade 1 to  6 in our Roll-Away Space adjacent to the small gym. Our programming is inspired by the children and is enhanced by the Alberta Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care. Proudly, we have a diverse team of educators promoting individual growth and development to each child’s uniqueness.
Here at Svend Hansen site we...
♥ Get active Indoor and Outdoor
♥ Listen to music – sing and dance
♥ Celebrate diversity!
♥ Value and respect each individual
♥ Care for one’s social and emotional needs
♥ Learn from one another

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”
- Ola Joseph
“Children - for the ways in which we have encountered them – are the first great researchers. If we are capable of listening to them, children can give us back our pleasure in wonder, in marveling, in doubt. Children can convey the joy of search and research which belongs not only to children, but to women, to men, to humankind: it belongs to life.”
Carlina Rinaldi
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